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The Reality of Child Loss

While you’re living your “best life” today,

there’s a mom or dad that’s clinging to life-

but all the while,

wanting to die.

Not suicidal But-

Just wanting the pain to end.

While you’re living blissfully,

some parent, somewhere is saying goodbye

to their beloved child. One last time. One Last Breath.

And they will be hanging on that moment forever

When you go to sleep tonight,

And you lay your head down on your pillow. Know that a mother or father,

that you probably know,

is curled Up in the fetal position. Crying hysterically.


When you pass that man in the grocery store,

who looks rugged and manly.

It could be that same man that was

brought to his knees last night,

in excruciating pain. Asking God to end it all. Yelling his child’s name out loud.

While you hug your children,

Remember that there are parents

that would give anything to hold their child. To love on them. But all they can do is whisper their name.

While you’re showering without a care in the world,

there’s a parent that’s barely able to stand up,

using the shower walls to lean on,

because they’re crying so hard and they’re weak. The Reality of Child Loss,

is that years can pass by,

but they feel like minutes. Regardless of the years though,

you still miss your child.

You still want them here. You still pine for them. If you’re friends with a bereaved parent,

give them grace. and then give them some more.


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