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A well informed community is an empowered one as well, so take a look at the events coming up with Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse! We hope to see you take part in some great things!

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Child Loss Support Groups






We know how scary it is to attend support groups. We also know how hard it is to go through life pretending that you're okay when you've just endured the hardest thing in your life. And you maybe need extra support. That's okay to admit. Moms and dads are both welcomed and encouraged to attend. It's wonderful to have a community that you can surround yourself with to support you through one of the hardest things. You're not alone. 

Parents of Child Loss:

We see your hurting heart.
We see you struggling.
We hear your pain.

2nd Monday: Discussion Group
4th Monday: Workshop Group

Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse gently invites & encourages you to attend one of our child loss support groups if you’re a bereaved parent.

We want you to know that we are here for anything that you may need throughout your grief journey.

We hold absolutely no judgment.
And we want you to know that-
You are heard. You are seen here.

Anything that you say within the four walls are safe and valued.

It takes an extreme amount of courage to come to one of these meetings, and I want you to know that it is okay.

If you’re sitting in your car, in the parking lot, contemplating whether or not to come inside or not, our simple encouragement is to try it just once. Little by little. First, shut your vehicle off. Then grab your things. Then go order a coffee. (It’s on us!) 

It always takes the most courage to get out of your vehicle, to open that door in the parking lot and trust that you will be safe.

And you will be.

You absolutely do not have to talk.


You can just come, sit and listen.
Because there’s healing in listening.
You can come and cry.
Most of us do.
You can come and scream.
Some of us do.
Because grief is different.
For everyone.

And when you surround yourself with people who know the true depth of agony and despair that you are living in and walking through..

The world seems a little less dark.
You feel a little less alone.
Because there is power in numbers.
There is a community who understands and is grieving alongside you.

Please take your time.
We understand that schedules get in the way.
Life happens.

If you cannot make this meeting,
plan to make the next one.
Or the next one.

And whenever you decide,

We will be here waiting with open arms.

We are here and we are ready.

You are not a burden.

You are not a hassle.

We know that the grip of grief sometimes can swallow you up whole.
And the waves of grief come crashing in.
We know that it probably feels like you are drowning.

We know because we are swimming with you.

Right alongside you.

And while you are waiting outside in your vehicle,
in the parking lot,
Debating whether or not to come in, take a deep breath.

& After you take that deep breath,
shut your car off and come inside.
Order a coffee,
Like we said, it’s on us.

One small step at a time.

We will be waiting for you.

Come when you can.

Your child matters.
Your children matter.
Their stories matter.
You can do this,
…Even if you don’t really want to. 

Location: N7156 E Plaza Dr
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
United States

2nd and 4th Monday of every month 

unless advertised otherwise! 

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