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Burial gown

Burial Gowns and Burial Pockets are constructed out of old wedding dresses-

these beautiful and timeless dresses are carefully disassembled and constructed back together in such a unique way! 

We have a special board of seamstresses that take their time with every single stitch. 

to donate a previously owned wedding dress, please consider filling out a form. 


to suggest a hospital that might not already have burial gowns or pockets on hand, you can find the hospital interest form here as well! 

if you're interested in volunteering your time and want more information to be a part of our fabulous seamstress team- you can find the interest form here! 


Burial Gowns

constructed out of wedding dresses!

These burial gowns are donated to hospitals around Wisconsin in the OB units for children that are born sleeping.

Burial Pockets are donated to hospitals in the OB units and the emergency rooms for families that endure miscarriage.

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