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Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse: A grief support non profit chartiy organization

Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse is a nonprofit charity organization that is 501(c)(3) certified.

We are located in the heart of Dodge County, Wisconsin.


We are committed to providing tools for parents and families that have experienced the death of their child to help them through their grieving and healing process. Among many other things, we send care packages, host child loss support groups and help with funeral expenses for children that are 18 years and younger in the state of Wisconsin.


But what do we do? 


We provide Positive Grieving Tools and that can be:


•Reading Material (Books and articles) from Child Loss Authors (that we provide to parents absolutely free). Books like: From Heaven. Through Hell. To Heaven., The Three mile valley, Mother of All Mothers 

and 52 Weeks of Journaling Through Child Loss.


Coloring Books and coloring supplies (also absolutely free)- it may sound absolutely crazy to provide coloring supplies to the average person, but in the world of child loss, we are willing to do anything to keep us in the present moment and to keep our feet on the ground. 


•Bibles that are flagged with a few uplifting scriptures. (Free to families in care packages) Bibles provided from American Bible Society and Christianbook.


Bo Lions are constructed absolutely free of charge to loss families of children. These lions are prayerfully made from the child’s clothes and formed into a beautiful Lion with a mane, perfect to hang on to when you need it the most. 


•For children ages 0-18 years old we help with financial support with final expenses. 


•We donate to funeral homes that have “infant & children funds” to help funding for future families who need it. 


•Occasionally, we send flowers and memorials for children that have passed away to the funeral or cemetery. Or if someone in their family (mom, dad, sibling, daughter or son) is needing additional encouragement.


•We partner with ANGELCARE to provide infant monitors to parents of child loss for their rainbow babies, to give them a little comfort while their baby sleeps. (Also completely free for families of child loss). 


•We host child loss support groups in Dodge County. The second and fourth Monday of every month. From 5:30 PM-7:00 PM at Higher Grounds Coffee Shop in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

  • Everything that is said in this group is strictly confidential as long as you do not pose a threat to yourself or others*


•We take the roll of a Social Worker and look for individual therapists throughout the county or other private counselors for any parents wanting professional help. Although, we encourage you to check with your individual insurance agencies because they more often than not have a list of accepted therapists that are available to you.


•We partner with other nonprofit charities like Project Linus to help further support parents of child loss. Because there is always more than enough grief to go around. 


•We coordinate with Children’s Hospital of Madison and other hospitals in Wisconsin for their Bereavement Centers. 

•We have fund-raised to have a CuddleCot brought to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin for the OB Department at the Marshfield Medical Clinic to have for children that are babies that are born "sleeping" to give the gift of time.

•We partner with the Periscope Project for Healthcare providers that need help diagnosing pregnant patients that are experiencing child loss. We are readily available on their mothers and children "resources page". 


•We celebrate your child's Birthday and Angelversary and strive to keep your child’s memory and legacy alive.


•We offer a caring, compassionate shoulder to lean on when overcome and overwhelmed with grief. 


•We are dedicated to helping loss parents find ways to cope with indescribable pain. 


•We provide families with beautiful keepsakes like memorial plaques. 


•We have virtual online support groups for moms, dads, grandparents that are available 24/7, as well as a community parents of child loss page available to both mom's and dad's.


•We have numerous fundraisers and events that bring people and communities together, as well as helping to gently socialize parents of child loss in a caring environment. (For some parents our events are one of the first public places that they go).


​-Our fundraisers invite COMFORT DOGS to provide additional support for loss families for anxiety and depression. 


•We are always looking for new ways to better help and support parents of child loss. 

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