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Who Was Bo?

About Our Precious Boy

Bo William Hartwig was born on October 7, 2014 and he was the happiest little boy. He spent most of his life smiling at his big sister who often made him laugh uncontrollably. Bo got to do so many things in his short time here. He was able to be featured on television, feed a real deer, be "kissed" by a real giraffe, ride on his papa's boat, caught lots of fish, take photos with his dad's deer and turkey's, he got to go to the zoo and play every day with his mommy. 
Bo knew love every single moment of his life.


On a Friday morning, after a normal Thursday night, Amanda found Bo lifeless in his crib. At just ten months old, he was taking the most peaceful sleep that he ever had in his life.

She called the police and was instructed to do CPR. All while his big sister, in the beginning of her kindergarten year, was sitting scared in the bathroom.



The coroner has the hardest job in the entire world. They have to look parents in the eyes and tell them why their beloved child is gone. The Adenovirus is the COMMON COLD.

That's right, a cough, sneeze, conjunctivitis, etc.
He gave us no warning. Which we believe is a testament to how strong and resilient he truly was.



One year after Bo's death, the Hartwig's embarked on a journey to find healing. It was only through Bo's passing that Wayne and Amanda began seeking out ways to heal. They were convinced that there had to be more to this life than the unbearable agony that they were enduring, and they were right. They decided to be baptized as a proclamation and recognition that they cannot do this life alone, and that they needed a Savior.


Among the many days and nights of sorrow, God put it on their hearts to start a ministry that was desperately needed in their area. A child loss safe haven for those that were suffering silently with the death of their child. Throughout the years, the Hartwig's have gained strength in knowing that they are not alone. And they believe that this is the ultimate message for those suffering with the death of their child. 


Since 2016, Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse has proudly provided over 300 care packages nationwide, continued hosting Child Loss Support Groups and has helped with over 255 Funeral Expenses for children 18 years and younger in Wisconsin. 

Although we recognize that this is our testimony, we understand that everyone is on a different walk. Everyone's journey of healing and grieving is different. We welcome all walks of life here, but we proudly share our testimony of God's Ultimate Deliverance. 

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