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"Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse, where do I even start? We lost our 19 year old son on June 3, 2020 to a very tragic accident. Our family was lost, heartbroken, and every other terrible emotion that you could ever think of. We had a care package from Bo's within days of Austin passing. I cried as I looked through it's contents, because it was exactly what I needed at that exact moment. 


From that point forward Amanda and Wayne became not only a wonderful support system for us, but rather family. They are honestly some of the kindest people we have ever met! They have turned the loss of their sweet Bo, into helping so many grieving parents live, feel, and have hope again.

In addition to God's work that Wayne and Amanda do on their own, they run a truly special support group. Within this group we feel safe, loved and have formed bonds that we will cherish forever. 

Thank you, could never begin to say how much we sincerely appreciate Bo's and the Hartwigs." -Missi Sherman Smith

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"Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse has been a great support. I honestly don't even know how they heard about our son who had passed away but however they did, I'm beyond blessed.

Amanda reached out I would say that day he passed or the day after asking how and if they could help us. Honestly never going through this before and not fully knowing what they really even did, we said yes.


They find a way to honor your child on their birthday and angelversary. They also do things throughout the year to honor your child. Truly an amazing group and wonderful people." -Sara Ross

"Bo's has helped me not only through losing my two month old son, but also through the fear and guilt and hope of my subsequent pregnancy with my rainbow baby girl.


I appreciate the honoring of my son's life and memory, as well as the love given to my little girl. It has helped to make all the insanity that much easier to bare day to day knowing so many people care so much!"

-Miracle Layman

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"Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse has been amazing! I received a care package for myself to help with the grieving process. It took me a few months, but I finally started attending support groups. I go to support groups as often as possible. I never feel alone or judged. My feelings are validated. 

They have also done workshops that have helped me find other outlets for the grief. Amanda and Wayne are amazing people who truly want to help others in their worst moments. I couldn't be more grateful for Bo's, what they stand for, and everything that they do." 

-Saphire Reinke


We invite you to take a moment to hear about our story and what we do at Bo's Heavely Clubhouse.

A very special thank you to JWP.

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Debra Hardy

"Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse is an awesome place to be at. I can't believe how much it helped me through my son's death. I would recommend them to anybody. I can't say enough about this group. I love them!"  


"Grief: Uncontrollable. Pain. Meltdowns. Dehydration. Pain. Red Eyes. Change. More Pain. 

Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse: Support. Understanding. Prayer. Love. Soft Shoulders. Ears. Love. Acceptance. Love. Love. More Love."


Shannon Darby

"Lost my son in June 2019, although I live in North Carolina. I can honestly say that Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse has helped me out a lot. Especially Amanda, I don't have any support, and they've kind of became part of my family."

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