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A well informed community is an empowered one as well, so take a look at the events coming up with Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse! We hope to see you take part in some great things!

Previous Workshops

Children's Grief Groups are run a bit different than any adult groups because in these groups our talking is done within the games that we play and the workshops that we do. We play board games that are designed around grief and create our own. Some games that we have played are:
- Dog Gone Grief

-Grief Jenga

-Grief Emotions BOard Game


A few Workshops that we have facilitated are: 

-Kids Rock Painitng

-Domino Painting (discussing secondary losses)

-Stress Ball Creating

-Worry Monster Bags

-Memory Boxes

-Grief Magazine Collages

and so much more!

- Children's Grief SUpport Group Launch Message- 

Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse has successfully launched an additional support group per month!
For this support group,
We are making ourselves available for:

CHILDREN that have endured the death
of a sibling OR parent!

We have one support group.
One hour long

We are going to be focusing on:

 Music  Therapy
Art  Therapy

So 90% of our support groups will be workshops.

Parents, Grandparents, Guardians:
We have a free drink for each of you
At The Open Door Coffeehouse
While we have our support groups.
OR have dinner on us at Don Ramon’s Mexican Restaurant

These support groups will be located at
Christian Life Fellowship in Mayville.

The cost for these workshops are absolutely
F R E E!

—> Save the Date:
every 3rd Monday of the month<—


Christian Life Fellowship
113 N Clark St
Mayville WI 53050

every third Monday of the month 

unless advertised otherwise

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