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Would you like to make a difference in the lives of the bereaved?

Check out the links below! 

Donate To Our Cause

We are a certified nonprofit charity organization with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in the State of Wisconsin.  Print a receipt and save it for end of year reporting.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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DONATE items straight from our amazon wishlist


Start a facebook fundraiser

invite others to have the opportunity to give via facebook fundraising! A beautiful tribute in memory of someone special!

•The Importance of Facebook fundraisers•

We’re here to talk to you about the

i m p o r t a n c e   of

Facebook Fundraisers For our charity organization:

For each Facebook fundraiser, from one of our amazing followers & supporters,

we usually accumulate around $200.

[Anything above this is such a blessing as well!]

That $200 is then transferred from Facebook directly to our charity’s bank account.

Facebook does N O T take a percentage of birthday fundraisers.

That $200 that one of our AMAZING followers' friends and family gifted them, then gets sent out to a local funeral home along with $300 additional dollars from our funeral fund to help with funeral costs for children that are 18 years old and younger that have resided in the state of Wisconsin that are in need of financial assistance.

That $200, transformed into $500 from our organization, is sent directly to the funeral home to help the family of a child that has died.

In those desperately broken moments, YOU give us the power to help families financially.

Some may think it’s just a

“Meaningless online fundraiser,”

But for us,

It’s an essential means to help another grieving family in the depths of their darkest despair.

Their lowest valley.

That $200 allows us to help an additional family that is in desperate need for financial assistance with funeral funds.

Things that, while trudging through their darkest hours, they shouldn’t even have to be concerned about.


For those few fundraisers that accumulate over $200- the funds help with our Child Loss Support Group Fund to help with supplies such as healing workshop supplies, tissues, anxiety relief items, books & other tangible items that help with healing.

For those fundraisers that accumulate over $500-

We get to replenish our supplies for our Care Package Program for care packages that get sent out to families of child loss. These supplies include journals, self care items, Bibles, coloring books, stress balls, memorial candles, child loss books like From Heaven Through Hell To Heaven, blankets, and so much more. Each individually tailored to each family!

With a new program rolled out- our Children’s Grief Support Group- we are still building a budget!

(Did you know that you can dedicate and allocate the funds you raise to a specific program?!) Awesome!!

• • • • • • •

For a small organization like ours,

Our volunteer board of directors jump for joy at each Facebook fundraiser that happens because we know that our mission is being seen, heard & valued.

And that right there my friends-

is half the battle!

or Donate another way:

we also accept donations via cash, check or money order.

Please mail to:

Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse

121 S Cedar St.

Horicon WI, 53032

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