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2020 Wish List

We have a lot of items that we always ask for. Most, if not all, of these items get put directly into our care packages and out to families in their most fragile moments.

Journals- We are in desperate need for ALL kinds of journals. Big or small! Any size, from any place. Journals provide an essential part of the healing process but allowing the family members of child loss to write down their feelings and emotions. It gives them an essential outlet that they might not otherwise have.

Pens- Because they are needed to write in our journals with!

Travel Tissues- Now this may be an obvious one, but something that we go through a lot of are tissues. The family members that receive these care packages are often only days into their grief. These travel tissues will provide the logical use of catching the uncountable amount of tears in their most fragile moments.

Wooden Letters- These letters can be found at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or even Amazon! They are small letters, and pretty self explanatory. The letters are used to personalize our care packages for each individual family. For example, a child that has died is named John. We then would look for the letter, “J” to place that letter in their care package. Given the family the option to paint it themselves, (which promotes art therapy) or allowing them to display the letter in a corner full of things from their child that has died. Regardless of what they decide to do with these letters; Our job is to supply these families with options to help them on their path of healing and dealing with their grief in a tangible way.

Bath Salts/Bombs are added to the care packages to provide an option of relaxation. Trauma affects the entire body. Its essential to try to give these families options to draw from.

Tealight Candles- We provide these in said care packages to give the family an option to light a candle in honor of their children.

To make a donation Please mail to:

Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse

121 S Cedar St

Horicon WI 53032

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Amanda Hartwig
Amanda Hartwig
Feb 28, 2020

Thank you!


I just read your article and I'm very moved. Thank you for your service. I'm sharing your info with all I know and hopefully they will donate too. God bless you all and thank you.

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