Grief Brain... It’s A Real Thing

Have you ever felt absolutely terrible for your inability to remember dates or times? Have you been noticeably more forgetful since your child died? Well don’t worry because you’re not alone!  

For SO many parents that have experienced The death of their child, It rocks their world. To its very core! Everything they’ve ever known is gone. In a single instance. And they’re changed forever.  

If you were once a confident lad, You may be more anxious now. Or if you used to be the “life of the party”- You may be more quiet and timid. And that part of grief seems to be different for everyone. But when it comes down to it, Grief affects our brain.  

ALL of our brain. 

The little things that once came so effortlessly to us like scheduling appointments and keeping those appointments or continuing a conversation without forgetting what you needed to say- 

Those things might be gone. 

For a little while or forever. 

This is because we have other things on our mind. Our brain has to figure out HOW to COPE with aching for our child but ALSO our AMAZING brain is trying to SURVIVE.  

And it’s stuck in survival mode. 

Did you get that? 


And one thing is for sure. 

We don’t mean to do it!! 

So this means-

If you have grief brain,

You’re forgiven! 

Just breathe. 

Stay in the present moment. 

And give yourself grace. 

A lot of Grace. 

And if you or someone you know  

Has recently experienced 

The death of their child—

Let this serve as a reminder.  

Their grief is hard. 

SO hard. 

By far the most difficult situation

That they have had to figure out 

How to maneuver through. 

And they’re trying their best! 

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