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The Seed Experience


There needs to be growth in what you do. 

Anything you do, everything, 

Am I right? 

You didn’t go to your place of work- when things were “normal” and sit at your cubicle all day and accomplish nothing. Did you? 

No. I’m sure you were one of the best employees that your company had! Striving to be better, taking on extra work and staying late to get it finished. All to move up in the company. To be better. To grow. There needs to be growth. Similar to how the seed of a plant starts off as just that, a seed. Did you know that seeds go through an enormous amount of work before there are any visual results. 

They have to be pulled and broken apart for the roots to grow. And it is through loving nurture, clean soil and water, dedication, care and with particular attention that it can grow effectively. 

Before you know it, that seed that you once planted has sprouted into a stem. And that stem then grows into a stem with a leaf. And then with two leaves. That unimaginable process that seemed daunting for that poor little seed is all too evident once you are able to see the green stem. That’s the first sign of life that the whole world sees. That stem. But the work that was put into making that stem thrive is MAGNIFICENT! I believe Child Loss to be exactly like this. We may be broken, battered and bruised. Our hearts may be shattered and torn to shreds. 

Allow yourself time. 

Space to yourself. 

Space to heal and grow. 

Even though I know some days that’s not an accomplishment in your eyes. But I’m here to tell you, it is.  You’ve had the seed experience. 

If you’ve experienced the agonizing torment of child loss then you’re enduring the seed experience. 

And you’re growing your roots.  

For me, I’m seeing the beauty of my stem. The growth in every step. When are you going to grow? What step will you take?  

Written By: Amanda Hartwig 

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