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You’re a Starfish

Have you ever thought of a starfish?

Just randomly in your mind. Have you ever thought of what makes them a starfish? They live on this same planet as us, but...

What do we know about them?

Well, we know that God created the starfish.

They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

But all somehow resemble a star.

Come to think of it, they are not fish at all.

They don't have gills or fins.

But they still manage to get around.

They are often found in the ocean and sometimes they’re found on land. Some wash up on the beaches,

and some spend their entire life on the ocean floor.

But the starfish are scattered around the world- for all to see, and for all to admire.

Sometimes traveling with other starfish but most of the time, traveling alone.

And the beauty from each of the starfish is completely different. Completely unique to itself. In all shapes and sizes.

They are very resilient and guard themselves by their hard, outer exterior.

You, my dear, are a starfish. Although you're suffering, you're resilient.

You may spend your life on the ocean floor, but you'll make the most of what you have.

You'll fight off the tricks that your mind makes on you.

You will wash up on the shore sometimes, and that's okay.

You'll always return to the water.

You'll always find your way home.

And although you're different, and not a fish at all, you keep going.

You don't give up.

Although no one may understand the starfish,

they still admire her beauty.

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