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Wave of Light

As we go marching into the

darkness tonight-

We hold those close who have endured the trauma.

We hold those close who have weeped uncontrollably on the floor.

We hold those close who have held their children lifeless in their arms.

We hold those close who have experienced the death of their child.

Their children. Their babies.

We strap up our boots with the readiness to break the chains.

We put on our belt of Truth around our battered waist.

We grab our Shield to defend against the flaming arrows of the enemy.

We take up our Sword and we win back the loss.

Because no body has to fight alone.

The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.

And today we say “NO!”

Today we overcome.

It’s time to win back our loss.

Today’s the day. Tonight’s the night.

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