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“God doesn’t give you more than you can...NOPE!”

So many people are quick to say it,  

The dreaded words of child loss,

you are “so strong”—

Or “God can only give you 

what you “can handle.” 

I haven’t had this for awhile. 

But today it occurred to me. 

As an elderly woman asked about

My tattoo on my wrist. 

Bo William? Who is that?

(I love hearing his name.

My God. 

Do I love hearing his name!)

But the unknowingly deep question,

Naturally led to an answer. 

And I could feel the lump

In my throat welt up,

As soon as she mustered out the words-

After I explained Bo’s story: 

“God doesn’t give you more than you can handle”. 

And as I’ve chewed on that statement for a few hours. 

I have to tell you..

I’ve come here to tell you..

This could not be further from the truth!

God DOES give us MORE than we can handle-

all the time!

But this is to present us with


to turn to Him. 

He gives us more than 

What we are capable of 

handling so that we break 

and ask God for help. 

He wants us to have a 

relationship with Him. 

He longs for it. 

God does give us more

than we can handle. 

That’s the whole divine purpose.

Of this thing called life


Here’s the thing,

None of us are getting out alive. 

And whether we try now

Or fight later,

We all have the same fate. 

It’s God that designs us to need Him. 

He breaks us in military formation. 

The truest military form there is. 


Are we capable of healing 

without Jesus? 

Sure, maybe. 

But wholeheartedly?

I’ve come closer and closer to this question. 

Leaning more toward one direction for an answer. 

So my advice is this,

Be broken. 

Don’t pretend. 

Don’t make believe you’re okay,

Because you’re not. 

You’re broken.

Allow yourself to be just that. 

Be that. 


And then, 

When broken feels right,

let GOD 


your brokenness. 

Because He gives you MORE than you can handle, 

But guess what? 

The beautiful news is that:

You are not alone! 

-Amanda Hartwig 

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