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To all of those that say

I’ve been distant,

Well, I’m sorry. 

To all of those that say

I’ve changed

I have and I won’t lie. 

To all of the old friends

And the “good ole’ times we had” 

They are over and gone. 

To the Innocence that I’ve longed to delight myself in,

I miss you entirely so. 

You don’t have to remind me. 

I’ve changed drastically. 

This I know. 

To the friends that aren’t friends,

Because this road was too tough.

I don’t blame you so. 

To my child that died,

I long for you. 

To watch you grow

I long to see your smile

To hear your voice

And let the tears flow. 

To all of the child loss witnesses,

Who’ve seen it impact people they love. 

Allow them some space. 

And when your love cries,

Is angry or anxious,

Offer them unending grace. 

Because there is nothing anymore,

but a mess left in this empty place. 

But still,

There is nothing needed

More than love & grace

Amanda Hartwig

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