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From Heaven. Through Hell. To Heaven is a testimonial book of deliverance for the Hartwig family and a biography style for you, the reader, to learn about how Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse came to be! 


Fifty Two Weeks of Journaling Through Child Loss: 

8x10 Softcover Book-


Child Loss.


Many people say that it's the most tragic pain one human being can endure in their entire lifetime. The death of your child will shatter you from the inside out. And it's meant to.


If you or someone you know have endured the death of your beloved child, I am so sorry.


My hope is that this book will fall into your hands as a gift from someone who loves you. Someone who might not know the right words to say or what to do to help you during this unimaginable time.


Or maybe you're like me, and you're a child loss survivor and warrior mama. You might have done your research and might just be as desperate as I was for some healing help.


My desperate plea is that you take the needed time that grief so often demands and that you put in the work to start your journey of healing.


You don't ever "get over" your child being gone, but you do learn how to wear the pain better.


Keep holding on.

You're not alone.

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