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National Son’s Day- The Bereaved Edition

for some, national sons day is an opportunity To Show off their amazing son or sons.

for others, this is a time of reflection.

For the bereaved, it’s both.

For parents that have endured the death of their son, it’s a time that stings their heart.

Another “kick to the gut”

While we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of their death, or what we like to better call, Heaven Day’s- so many other parents are holding on by threads.

We’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to help honor your child today, on National Son’s Day:

• Say Their Name & then Say it again!

•Write their name

•Tell their story

•Draw a picture

•Write your Son a letter

•Yell their name out loud

•Go visit The cemetery

•Take their ashes to a special place and sit.

•Watch the sunset

•Do something that they loved to do

•Cry & cry some more.

•Honor Them.

No matter what you decide to do today,

make sure that you allow that grief to come up.

Because like a bandaid that loses its stickiness with every removal,

it‘ll change the way you process your grief.

Happy National Son’s Day to all of the beautiful son’s that have gone before us.

Happy National Son’s Day to all of the bereaved mothers and fathers who have empty arms.

Today and every day.

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