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International Wave of Light

Today is the International Wave Of Light Walk

It was an impeccable amount of work to get here.

And it will be an intense amount of work today.

But- I’m ready.

The International Wave of Light is a night of remembrance for those who have experienced the death of their child.

1 in 4 experience such tragedy.

And my hope for tonight is that anyone who is planning to be in attendance can come and be received with love. They can feel how much work and effort has been put into this day.

My hope is that people who haven’t experienced the death of their child would come to understand that it’s okay to support them.

Lighting a candle for the wave of light signifies you saying, “I’m here for you. You’re not alone.” Even when the waves of grief are overwhelming and hard to endure, I’m still here to support you.

It gives the family permission to remember when society tells them to “move on quickly” -

We say the names of the children who have gone before us because we value the life that they lived.

And just because they’ve gone before us, does not mean that they were never born.

If you’re planning on coming and meeting me for the first time, I’m so excited to see you.

If this is your first event, know that it’s okay to be scared.

We are here together.

Walking side by side.

Remembering and honoring the beautiful lives that were gifted to us-for the time that we had them.

Whether it be for a number of days, weeks, months or years. ❤️

See you tonight. 🌌

If you cannot make it tonight we encourage you to tune in virtually, and light a candle in your own home.

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