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I see you.

I woke up today to scroll my feed.

And I see multiple families -

Who are struggling. With heartbreak.

Devastation. Agony. And deep pain.

I know these next few days and into the next week are going to be brutal.

I see all of the photos.

The heartbreaking selfies with your babies.

I see the cords they were attached to.

…I’m so sorry for the agony that you’re enduring.

Know that you are seen and heard throughout this excruciating time.

And that you’re not alone.

I love you so very much.

And the world is changed because your child was here.

The world needs you here because it needs to see different.

The love that you’re conveying through the utmost heartbreak is but a warrior’s love.

Remember to live while you’re busy surviving. Do something kind in memory of your child today. Tomorrow. Next week.

Write a card. Send a message.

Hold the door open. Leave a note.

Buy a flower. Smile. Cry. Laugh.

Snuggle a dog in the shelter.

Go for a walk. Wave to a stranger.

I promise that the love you muster up-

In the pit of this darkness will transform your heart.

It won’t take the pain away.

But it will instill hope in you and a stranger.

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