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Ecclesiastes 7:1

How beautiful it must be to have a faith of this magnitude.

“And the day you die is better than the day you are born.”

It’s encouraging to know that the Bible tells us that the day we die will be better than the day we were born.

But what about the mamas and daddies that have children that have went before us in Heaven?

How do we get there?

Do we simply just believe in divine intervention?

Is it okay to struggle?

Does it make us less of a Christian?

No. That’s simply not true!

I didn’t get there until after my son died.

Becoming a devoted Christian- I mean.

And then when he was buried,

the real hard part was the healing. Learning what helped. What hurt. And everything in between.

But oh, the celebration that must’ve happened when he entered Heaven‘s Gates.

And then I understood.

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

I’d be foolish to ask for him back here. Selfish, admittedly.

Because if he would be back here,

that means that he would have to face death at some other point in his life.

And why would I choose that for him? If I could?

It‘s enough to realize that this is the fate of all of us.

But to allow my beloved Little. To ask for him back on this earth,

knowing he would die again,

I couldn’t bear it.

And the day you die is better than the day you were born.

Because if we are living for Christ,

the day that we die, is the day that we are Home.

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