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Don’t tell me the pain goes away.

Don’t tell me you understand.

Don’t tell me you know…

You never held their hand.

Don’t tell me you can relate.

Don’t tell me that you get it.

Don’t tell me that it’s fine-

Or that I’m throwing a fit.

Don’t tell me to get over it.

Don’t tell me to move on.

Don’t tell me to get up again,

Their eyes only I want to gaze upon.

Don’t tell me that it gets better.

In time I’ve seen that’s a lie.

Don’t tell me that grief’s a monster,

Because it’s been a silent lullaby.

It’s been the thing that’s held me.

When my world is black and blue.

Grief has held my hand,

And encompassed me so true.

Don’t rush my hurting heart,

Don’t push me away.

Don’t hurry me along.

Just let me grieve my own way.

Let me miss them.

Let me cry.

Let me have a fit,

When a memory passes by.

Don’t tell me that my grief is a burden.

Don’t ignore my plea.

Grief is nothing but love-

And love is beautiful, you see?

You don’t have to do much now,

Just sit here with me.

Don’t say anything much.

Just let me & grief be.


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