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When Our Child Gets To Heaven

Do you ever think about what the first thing our children do when they get to Heaven? 

Simple. Hug Jesus. 

But the second thing? 

Do you ever wonder what they do at all? 

In 2015, I endured the death of my 10 month old son, Bo William Hartwig. He died from the adenovirus which is the common cold.

And in September 2015, he went to sleep in his crib and never woke up. 

My husband and I were absolutely lost. 

We were 18 weeks pregnant with our now rainbow baby and have our 9 year old daughter who was 5 years old when Bo died. 

I often imagine what Bo did the night that he went home. 

I picture him with other relatives, catching up and getting tons of hugs and kisses from everyone. 

But it didn’t occur to me, 

That my little boy put in a word for me to the big Man upstairs. 

I believe that when our children die, 

They leave this world. 

The Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with Jesus. 

And can you imagine what that’s like? 

I believe that my son, Bo,

Had an agenda in this world. 

He conquered his mission and he went home. 

Home. Where we all want to go. 

And in this life you’re promised nothing but agony and heartbreak. You’re guaranteed suffering. 

Whether you follow Christ or not. 

You will face death.  

But how do we get through it? 

Our children are attached to us from the moment of conception. 

And when they die, and leave this world,

The first thing they do- is see Jesus. 

They spend time with Him in His gardens and 

Walk on streets of gold. 

But when their done with that-

I believe that our children step up to the plate. 

They put their “little league” gear on. 

And they bat for us. 

Do you follow me? 

Whether you experienced the death of your child, 

They are yours. Your gifts from God. 

And if our child gets up and bats for us,

Can you imagine how disappointed they would be if we ignored that? 

Whether it be a person that they send your way. 

Like a spouse or best friend. Someone to lean on through hard times and agony. 

Or maybe it’s another sibling. 

A rainbow baby. To heal your heart a little bit more. 

Or in my instance, maybe they send you the opportunity to awaken in your faith. 

I’ve never read my Bible prior to Bo going home. 

I never prayed. Never had a relationship with our  Creator. 

And now we talk like we’re best friends. 

My point being,

Our children go up to bat for us. 

For what, 

We don’t know because we’re not there. 

But that’s why we need to be open in the heartache. 

And not bitter. 

Because that very thing that you’re turning away from could be the gift that your child went up to bat for you for- And is a gift from Jesus that YOUR child ASKED to give you. 

What a way to look at it? Huh. 

What a change in perspective. 

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