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Gratefully Grieving

I’m gratefully grieving. 

Today and every day. 

Grieving for my child. 

Their name I wish you’d say. 

It helps my grieving heart, you see. 

To hear their precious name. 

Today and every day. 

Their love I’ll exclaim! 

I’ll continue hurting now. 

For it doesn’t go away. 

Please don’t avoid it or pretend. 

Just sit with me and stay. 

Because today is Thanksgiving. 

I’ll think of all the memories. 

And wish we could be creating more. 

But Don’t think any less of me,

when my eyes get sore. 

Because I’m gratefully grieving. 

Grateful because I had my child. 

Grieving because I miss them so. 

Questioning everything. 

Like why they had to go. 

If I could tell you one thing,

That I think you should know,

Today, mention their name. 

And you’ll see me surely glow. 

I may cry and weep for awhile. 

But my love will never fade. 

Show me that I can trust you. 

And that I shouldn’t be afraid. 

The holidays are hard for me. 

I miss my child so. 

But it means the most to me-

When you mention my son, Bo. 

In memory of all our children. 

Allow yourself to grieve. 

Today and every day. 

The holidays can be so hard. 

But hold on. 

Just hold on. 

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