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The Baumhardt Barn

We’ve known the 

Baumhardt family for years now. 

And we’ve made so many 

Countless memories. 


In September 2016

I stood in a barn with a microphone.

Our crazy idea was put into action. 

Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse

And to think that it all started 

After our son, Bo passed away. 

All the hell that we endured. 

And months later to randomly 

get a box of 

numerous boxes of diapers. 

A huge box that had a tiny name. 

As the purchaser. 

Jodie Baumhardt

Nothing else.  


It was clear she didn’t want me to know. 

I reached out to her over Facebook. 

And here she was. 

A photo of her and her two girls. 

The loves of her life. 

From then on we 

became inseparable. 

But it wasn’t easy for her. 

Not being in the world of loss,

But as a “spectator”

To be around so much loss- 

It can be draining on a person. 

I didn’t understand how 

grief was handling me some days. 

But she understood. 

My goodness, she understood. 

She’s been patient. 






And so much more. 

And yet,

to some it may seem


Why a person would willingly 

Put herself in the world of loss. 

But not Jodie. 

She knows the true power of perseverance. 

And what it takes to persevere. 

It’s love

It conquers all. 

And then we launched 

Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse. 

My most crazy,


Most humbling,


Rewarding adventure. 

And my adventure turned into several adventures as we built our board of directors. 

A board that worked so unbelievably hard. 

At preparing for events. 

Attending board meetings. 

And keeping Bo’s memory 

At the center of it all. 

Jodie offered her property for endless events. The first and second Bo William Hartwig Memorial Ride and Fundraiser took place in this beloved barn. 

A barn that grew my dream. 

A barn that tended to my wounds. 

That were newly open,

only a year into my grief. 

A beautiful red barn that was loved. 

And it may seem crazy to some. 

“It’s just a barn!?” 

But when you endure the death of your child-

You cling to whatever draws you nearer to their memory. 

Because you long for their presence. 

You long for them

This barn was a community center 

for the grieving hearts 

that we came in contact with. 

It was a “safe zone” for so many hurting hearts and friends. 

A Safe zone because the Baumhardt’s welcomed everyone of them with open arms. 

The same demeanor that Bo portrayed. 

He never met a stranger. 

And neither do they. 

Everyone is a friend. 

That leaves the Baumhardts-

They leave with

a full heart (and a fully belly!)

And here it is. 

Three years of child loss. 

Three years down the road. 

With just days of it being 

Bo’s 3 year Angelversary. 

We mourn the loss of 

The Baumhardt’s Barn. 

And while I got the call 

with Jodie holding back tears,

And it brought me to my knees. 

I was caught in amazement. 

She was calm. 



Even at such a hard time,

She looked for the “bright side.” 

“My family is okay. 

The animals are okay. 

Everything else is just material. 

We will be fine.”

And as I sobbed at the dinner table,

Over my plate of food. 

I continued to be amazed 

at how much strength this woman has to have the ability to look on the bright side. And to stay there. 

And while I’m grateful that 

everyone is safe. 

I’m beyond devastated to see this happen. 

Because what are the “odds” 

That a tornado would 

come down the street they live. 

What are the odds that it would hit the barn that means so much? 

We’ve endured these “odds” before. 

As my husband said,

“What are the odds our son dies from the common cold?”

It’s so hard to find the blessing in this storm. 

But it’s here. Somewhere

Dedicated to the Baumhardts. 

We are so grateful that 

all of you are safe. 

We will get through this. 

Because we are warriors. 

All of us. 

We will have a new venue for our 3rd Annual Bo William Hartwig Memorial Ride and Fundraiser. Keep an eye out please. 

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