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“But Why Did He Have To Die?”

One thing that a lot of people 

That are not in the world of

Child Loss

Don’t understand is that 

even though

We seem like we function 

“normally” -

We are secretly dying inside. 

We as child loss parents 

Suffer with not only the 

Repeated reminders of our child 

That’s gone. 

But some of us have other children. 

Some of us have children that have endured,

Just as much as we have. 

The silent struggle is beyond difficult.

Her silent grief

Is like a beautiful wind,

That spins and twirls. 

That same wind comes and goes. 

Her grief, like ours. 

Never forgetting the bittersweet 

Memories that she carries 

deep in her pocket. 

And when those grief trains come-

I brace myself and hang on tight. 

Like today,

I held my daughter as she cried out,

“But why did he have to die?” 

Because her grief matters. 

Because she doesn’t just

“get better” 

Because this is a lifelong loss. 

Hang on mama. 

Support is coming. 

Help is on the way. 

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