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Boy: By Lee Brice

Boy, you're gonna know it all You'll think you're ten feet tall And run like you're bulletproof And total a car or two Boy, you're gonna hate this town Wish you could burn it down That fire in your eyes is twenty counties wide But boy, you're gonna love seventeen And boy, you'll do some stupid things

You're gonna drive and kiss And throw a punch And grow up way too fast You're gonna drop the ball Hit the wall And break some hearts like glass I know you will, 'cause you're a part of me And a part of you will always be a boy

You're gonna be so stubborn You get that from your mother I already see it now, you weren't built for backing down And boy, there'll be a small town nights And you'll fall for her sky-blue eyes And when she's in your hands You'll think…

How badly I wish that this could be my future. How badly I wish that this would be my reality. Watching my baby grow up and having the pleasure of seeing my sweetheart be a boy.

A part of you...

Will always be my,


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