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My Hope.

I've contemplated hard whether I should write about this or not. 

But I see it more and more. 

Being as spiritual as I am, and 

Anyone who knows me knows that I have found my refuge with Jesus. 

I have conquered many things BECAUSE of Him. 

My only wish- no, my only HOPE is to be the bridge to salvation for my family. 

Every single time I bring up my sweet little Bo- Everyone becomes sad. 

This is not my wish. It's not my hope.

His death did NOT overcome him. 

I'm at a point in my life where God has led me to strength and He's brought me wisdom in knowing that I will see Bo again. And I find an unbelievable amount of comfort in that. 

I've been baptized into the Holy Spirit & have been fully submerged in Jesus' name by water baptism. (See Acts 2:38) 

My faith has taken the drivers seat. & I'm not ashamed to say that I love Jesus! With my whole heart. 

When Bo passed away, I was beyond lost. Broken. Traumatized and debilitated. I got on anti depressant medication and had to overcome invasive thoughts with PTSD. 

It wasn't until I found my faith and discovered my relationship with Jesus that any sort of healing was possible. 

Fast forward to two years later. That's over 600 days! 

My heart is ready to incorporate Bo into our lives but also continue to live for the present moment. 

I think about Bo and I'm happy now. 

I have conquered one of the hardest things, transforming his room into Ari's room.

Yes it was challenging but it needed to be done.  Because we are not in 2015 anymore. 

Our children here on earth deserve parents that are present in their lives. Grandparents that are in the present in their lives. 

My hope for my family is this,

The joy that I have felt in the short year that I've been in the Lord has made up for the years that I've been without Him. Jesus is my answer. And He can be yours too. He needs to be yours too. And heaven cannot be somewhere you want to go to see Bo. - or anyone else for that matter. Heaven is somewhere you want to be because Jesus Christ is there. 

Think about letting those walls down. 

Think about letting healing happen. 

Think about letting love win. 

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