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A Crying Letter of Freedom


I know that you have this under control. I know that this is Your will. I'm filled with anxiety as this will be a tough week. 

Stirring up these emotions makes it feel so real and raw again. Seeing these families ache for their children breaks my heart all over again. 

And now this week- not one sweet baby, but two- you called home. 

I'm full of anxiety. And I know that I need to cast all of my anxieties on You. I'm shaking just thinking about it. 

The heartbreak evident. And rightly so. 

Tuesday is going to be one of the most challenging days. 

Let this be a test of my faith. Let this be others seeing You in me. 

Let this be whatever You are wanting this to be. 

My heart cries for freedom. 

Stay by my side because without You, I am nothing, Lord. 

In You, I have freedom. 

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