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The First Day Of School Pictures on Facebook

I for one, LOVE seeing First day of school photos on my Facebook feed. 

“Why?” You May ask. 

It’s really quite simple

I love seeing your child’s first day of school photos because one of my children will never be able to have that. 

One of my children is not with me anymore.

One of my children is in Heaven

And although I miss him CONSTANTLY

It makes me happy knowing that YOU have never endured this heartache. 

It makes me happy because I know that you still have your children that you’ve breathed your life into. 

That you work so hard to train up right. 

But for the ones that have experienced this,

They know how gosh darn important it is-

To take photos


So the next time you want to complain about seeing other people’s photos of their children,


That photo could be all that they have to cling to of their child one day. 

Be gentle with your words. 

(Photographed: is my oldest daughter, who has endured the unthinkable, at just five years old, she witnessed her brothers lifeless body and her pregnant mother trying to save him. Bo died at ten months old from the Adenovirus, the common cold.)

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